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Cantaloupes are our largest volume winter crop. Our cantaloupes are grown under very strict sanitation regulations, packed in certified packing houses, cooled and packed in our exclusive breathable “Baggyfresh Bag” and packed per your request. We harvest our Cantaloupes with our customer in mind, offering all sizes, both for the whole and the cut markets. Our volume of quality Cantaloupes can stand behind any commitment made to you.
Our Cantaloupes are packed in boxes, DRC’S, RPC’S or multiple Melon Mesh Bags, all with UPC labeling, according to each customer’s needs.



Our seedless Watermelons are more seedless than any other. Grafting expertise has produced a dense, high-weight, crisp and sweet Watermelon. Our Watermelons can be packed in bins or in boxes, and packed for specific weights preferred by customers. We now have a large personal seedless Watermelon program, with an exclusive variety you will enjoy only from the Sol Group. Dark skin, high sugar, and excellent crispness make the difference. We will also pack these to your specifications.



Our Honeydews are grown in the eastern part of Honduras, where climate conditions produce a vine-ripened and ready to eat product. We specialize in large size Honeydews and offer the sweetest varieties available. Our Honeydews are also grown under strict sanitation regulations and packed in certified packing houses.



We have fyffes pineapple all year round for our costumers




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20 years ago our families came together to create a small cantaloupe farm capable of producing optimum quality produce...


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Our packing houses are food safety certified. We comply with all FDA regulations. All of our cantaloupes are bagged in our...


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Shipping our product is another important part of getting our melons to you. Sealed, refrigerated containers are transported to the export port...


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Once our fruit arrives in the United States, we are sure we have controlled every step of our operation, from...


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As Distributers, we bring our product as close as possible to you with minimal handling. Sailing into a port near you...


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